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   “ I planted, Apollos watered but God gave the growth.”

                                                                          - I Cor 3:6

Orthodox Natural Church Development

What is ONCD?

ONCD stands for Orthodox Natural Church Development (ONCD), which is a way of thinking

about church growth by first thinking about the church’s health. Growth should be about quality

(of health) and not just quantity (of numbers). In fact ONCD suggests that quality should take

priority over quantity in church growth thinking. 

ONCD is a long-term strategic process for progressively improving our church's health. It is the

process of continual improvement, not a program which guarantees "a healthy church" if

implemented to the letter. Growing a church, just like growing a plant, requires a long-term

commitment which is intentional and consistently addressing the most critical issues facing

the church at each stage of growth.

In summary, ONCD;

   • Reminds us that God brings the growth and our role is to partner with Him, not try to

     generate the growth ourselves.

   • Offers universal growth principles that apply in all churches everywhere and at all times.

   • Provides regular accurate "snapshots" of a church's health, keeping the leadership focused

      on the most important issues to achieve long term sustainable growth.

   • Outlines a process of continuous improvement through the ONCD Cycle

   • Helps our leaders focus on essential growth values.

   • Provides concrete input for developing or refining vision.

   • Helps maximize the effective use of time, energy and resources.

   • It confirms long-held beliefs. Feedback - "ONCD affirms what I have been thinking for a

     long time, but until now nobody has done the research."

Interested in learning more about ONCD?  Visit the National ONCD web-site at

The ONCD – Church Health Team (the committee)

In order to fully embrace and carry out the ONCD process, a committee consisting of eight

St. Katherine Parishioners was formed. The goal of the committee is to (1) Administer the

ONCD survey, (2) Collect the feedback from those who attended the ONCD focus groups,

(3) Put fourth those recommendations to the Parish Council, and (4) Implement change.


The ONCD Committee meets monthly to discuss the issues, topics, and progress being made

on the action items submitted by our Parishioners.

 ONCD Committee

Do you have a comment? E-mail the ONCD Committee with your questions, comments, or suggestions at  We will respond to all inquiries and comments

in a timely manner.

Cindy Paterakis

Maryelen Samitas

Elaine Roman

Terry Theodorou

George Roman

Costa Triantafylidis

Socrates Sakellaropoulos

Stephanie Zavitsanos

The ONCD Process

The ONCD process has been developed which will help St. Katherine’s address our Minimum

Factor. The ONCD Process will assist us in developing relevant goals and a plan to see the

health of our church increase.

Step 1: Prepare – Prepare your church to engage in the total ONCD process. Getting

leadership buy-in, mobilizing intercessors and choosing a Church Health Team (the committee)

are all part of this step.

Step 2: Diagnose – Diagnose the health of your church. This step begins with taking the

survey, followed by an in-depth analysis of your Minimum Factor.  It concludes with identifying

those 3-5 key issues to address.

Step 3: Plan – Plan to address your Minimum Factor. In this step the Church Health Team (the committee) will develop a strategic plan to address the 3-5 key issues identified in Step 2.

Step 4: Implement – Implement the strategic plan developed in step 3. Staying focused on

carrying out the plan and overcoming obstacles along the way will be the task of the Church

Health Team.

Step 5: Evaluate – Evaluate the process you used and the results of your effort. Use the

Growth Forces to determine increased health in your Minimum Factor then plan to re-take the


ONCD Time-line and Accomplishments

September 2016 –

  ONCD Church Health Team (committee) formed, trained, and enabled to administer the

  ONCD survey.

October 2016 –

  ONCD Survey administered to 30 parishioners.

o Survey administered in the community hall after coffee hour.

November 2016 –

  Results received from ONCD in New York and shared with the ONCD Committee and the

  Parish Council.

November 2016 –

  Six focus group sessions held across Brevard County at the homes of our Parishioners.

o Thank you to the following families for hosting the focus Groups;

Sonia Fakatselis and Stephanie Zavitsanos

Mr. & Mrs. George Ladis

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Roman

Mr. & Mrs. George Roman

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Paterakis

The 6th focus group was held in the Church conference room

o A total of 90 parishioners attended these focus group sessions

o Over 400 comments received

January 2017 –

  ONCD Committee submits recommendation to Parish Council for review and approval.


The following is a list of recommendation submitted to the Parish Council for review and approval.

What Happens Next?

The ONCD committee will continue to work with the Parish Council and Father Demetri to raise awareness of the feedback, comments, suggestions, and concerns of our Parishioners. They will begin the process of implementing change.  In 18 months, St. Katherine’s will once again take the ONCD survey to measure success and determine the next steps in the overall ONCD development.





Loud & Noisy


Be more Welcoming

Church is not as welcoming

as it could be



Too long, too political, too

much Greek, Not enough Greek


Increase Priest


 Parishioners want to see Father attend more coffee hour, and other ministry or social events


Build Community

Lack of programs to bring

parishioners together


Choir / Music

 Too few members, slow tempo, congregation does not join

in the singing


Parish Council

Not visible during services


Prayer Books

Current red books look worn.

Big book too heavy to hold



Robes Robes look worn