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Any individuals who would like to be bur­ied in and any persons who would like to have a family member transferred into, a traditional Orthodox cemetery. This effort is also for any persons interested in pur­chasing cemetery plots at a discounted, group-purchase rate based off today’s off-the-street plot and vault prices for Dignity cemeteries in Brevard County.


A 3ft x 9ft cemetery plot of land includ­ing a vault, memorialization (a plaque or headstone, to-be-designed) and Dignity’s indefinite perpetual care, located at Flori­da Memorial Gardens in Rockledge.


The site at Florida Memorial Gardens in Rockledge contains 119 plots in Phase 01, located at the southwestern end of the cemetery next to the Coptic Orthodox Estate at the highest point of the property.


As prices rise, we are encouraged to pre-plan by purchasing our cemetery plots sooner, rather than later. Each person wanting to participate would obtain a purchase agreement from the Church and start making their monthly plot payments to St. Katherine.


Like previous efforts, a dedicated and tradi­tional Orthodox cemetery aims to provide our current and future Parishioners and their Families with the blessing of foresight;  both financially and psychologically. As Dignity Memorial owns and operates all three of the major cemeteries in Brevard County, they maintain control of the quantity and price of plots available for sale. Since acreage is limited, supply and demand drives prices higher each year.

Pre-planning allows our church Parishio­ners to avoid and alleviate family mem­bers from making complicated decisions during a very difficult time of grief. Unpre­pared, the burden of planning a funeral under duress, is great.

Can those who already own plots or whose loved ones are already buried in a Dignity-owned cemetery be transferred to the Orthodox section?

Yes, Dig­nity Memorial will move the vault and casket at no extra charge, with the purchase of a new plot in the Ortho­dox section. The original plots are con­sidered your personal real estate and may certainly be sold at today’s higher plot prices. The delta is yours to keep.

Price Per Lot

                         Payment option: 60 months at $100 = $6000.

                        Payment option: 60 months at $110 = $6600.

*   The Purchaser understand that if they are behind in their payments they will receive a 30 day notice, a second notice at 60 days and after 90 days they are in default.  The notice will be send to their last known address, per the Church records, and email is an acceptable form of notice.

The idea of creating a local Orthodox cemetery estate in Brevard County was first explored by a special committee and the Parish Council of St. Katherine. After painstaking research and negotiations with Dignity cemeteries  located at Florida Memorial Gardens in Rockledge, the committee and parish council presented the idea and concept to the General Assembly of St. Katherine, where it was approved and is now a reality.


This property and  its “estate status” provides St. Katherine with the opportu­nity to personalize the space as we wish, including the ability to build a small, open-air chapel-like pavilion on the estate property. We envision a permanent, simple, perforated covered structure with an adjacent garden at the entry, a small plaza-courtyard, garden walls, benches, paths, prayer stations, raw but refined materiality, exquisite detailing and garden-style plots...all working together to create a quiet sense of space and place with purpose, but also to give order, rest & peace in the most Orthodox of ways. Dignity cemeteries has kindly gifted to St. Katherine, the pavilion, front garden and prayer station land as ‘free-for-specific-use-only’.

Most design elements within the cemetery will be subsidized in all or part by a small percentage of the cemetery plot sales. This way, each plot owner participates in creating the infrastructure of the estate. Any ad­ditional special cemetery elements, installations, landscape, hardscape, benches, pavilion, prayer stations & other details could also be specifically fundraised for, when possible.

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