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The Altar Guild of Saint Katherine, whose privilege it is to serve and care for our church, is a wonderful group of very dedicated people who work diligently behind the scenes.  Their work is essential to make sure that everything is in place for the celebration of Divine Liturgy and observance of the other sacraments.  Cheerfully and dependably, members of the Altar Guild prepare the altars and the elements, arrange flowers to enhance the altar, keep the brass shining, and wash and iron all the linen used in these services. The flower committee creates special arrangements for Lent, Pascha, Advent, and Christmas.  Special volunteer needs include baking the Prosforo (offering bread for Liturgy) as well as Koliva (boiled wheat) for memorial services. New members are always welcome.  If you would like to donate altar flowers or a sanctuary candle to honor some special person or event, or if you would like more information please contact the Altar Guild.


Stephanie Zavitsanos

Altar Guild Members

Linda Bilissis

Despina Echevarria

James Manus


Call the Church office 321-254-1045 or email the Altar Guild

                           •  Flowers:     $100.00 for feast day celebrations.

                               (if you would like to help decorate the Saint’s Icons let Despina know)

                           •  Prosforo:    $25.00

                           •  Koliva:       $80.00

                           •  Artoklasia:  $35.00 for small loaves, $50.00 for large loaves

The Altar Guild can help take care of …

Flowers, Koliva for memorial Services, prosforo, artoklasia

in memory of or in honor of your family.